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  • Optocapacitance in Scientific American April 10, 2015
    Gold nanoparticles refract lightdifferently based on on their size My latest Scientific American article “Optocapacitance Shines New Light on the Brain” explores an exciting new technology, tentatively named optocapacitance. While I’ve been excited about its better-known cousin, optogenetics, for years, I think this has greater potential for therapeutic appl
  • Is Time Running Out for Smartwatches? December 19, 2014
    Ask any number of technology analysts, pundits, experts and they’ll tell you that smartwatches are the future. Definitely. The technology is a sure thing. The demand is obvious. I think it’s a terrible idea – and I always have. Professional futurists will routinely tell you their work isn’t about making predictions. What we do is much more about exploring a
  • Cybercrime in Scientific American December 3, 2014
    My latest piece for Scientific American explores the rising threat of cybercrime, including the near-term potential for the world’s first “online murder.” By this, I don’t mean streaming a video of someone’s death – as horrific as that is – but rather the remote manipulation of data to assassinate a specifically targeted victim. The forecast that spurred me
  • Review: Superintelligence by Nick Bostrom October 1, 2014
    Since the advent of the computer age and quite possibly before, popular media has seized on the idea of a superintelligent machine and turned it into a clichéd tale of warning. Too often a monolithic mind with an ill-defined need for global destruction or domination is eventually thwarted because a chisel-jawed protagonist identifies and exploits some flimsy
  • Cosmology Article in Scientific American May 23, 2014
    My article on a recent and important mathematical proof regarding the beginnings of our universe was published at Scientific American today. While it may seem odd that a futurist is writing about something that happened 13.8 billion years ago, in fact I think it’s both justified and applicable. Our understanding of the origins of our universe tells us quite

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