Who We Are

Richard Yonck is the Executive Director and Futurist for Intelligent Future Consulting. He consults, writes and speaks about emerging trends and technologies, including their potential impacts on business and society. Richard is especially interested in the ever-evolving relationship between technology, market forces and humanity. Richard explores short to long-range futures for clients, readers and audiences with an eye to how this knowledge can be leveraged to create and implement positive outcomes. He blends strategic thinking with trend analysis, scenario building and other tools to help map and prepare for inevitable change.

In 2008, Richard founded FutureNovo.com, a wiki designed to promote foresight and dialog about future technology.  He regularly writes about new developments and their short-, mid- and long-range impacts.  He’s written about the future and emerging technologies in numerous publications including The Futurist, Scientific American, World Future Review, Fast Company, Wired, Psychology Today, H+ Magazine, Mensa Bulletin, American Cinematographer and at FutureNovo.com. He’s been interviewed and quoted about foresight issues in numerous mediums, including The New York Times, BBC News, Investor’s Business Daily, SAP Digitalist, NewsTalks Radio Ireland, Sports Illustrated, Rewiring Your Brain (BlogTalkRadio), Big Picture Science and Qualitative Research Consultants Association Views Magazine. His paper, “Toward a Standard Metric of Machine Intelligence” explores the need for a standardized intelligence test for artificial intelligences and was published in the peer-reviewed World Future Review. His recent cover story, “Connecting with Our Connected World” explores the developing ‘Internet of Things’ and was included in The Futurist magazine’s list of Best Stories of 2013.

Richard’s perspective on the future is informed by over 20 years experience as a computer systems programmer-analyst, during which time he guided clients through the rapidly-shifting technological landscape. He’s the former computing and artificial intelligence contributing editor for The Futurist Magazine, a full member of the Association of Professional Futurists and a member of the National Association of Science Writers. Richard is author of the new book “HEART OF THE MACHINE: Our Future in a World of Artificial Emotional Intelligence. which explores the emerging technologies allowing computers and robots to read, interpret, replicate, even influence human emotions.


Every project has its own particular requirements and needs for expertise. As a result, we’ll occasionally partner with other futurists and organizations on an as-needed basis. This allows us to be responsive to client and project requirements, while providing a diversified set of services.

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