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Conversation with a Futurist

Conversation with a Futurist

Richard Yonck is a noted author and speaker about emerging technologies and the many issues we’ll face in tomorrow’s world. An engaging speaker with a unique perspective, Richard strives to find both the opportunities and the challenges new advances will bring. A consulting futurist and formerly a contributing editor for the long-running The Futurist magazine, Richard is an avid guide to the changes and challenges we’ll face in the coming decades. Audiences of all sizes – from professional organizations, think tanks and business leaders to civic groups, educational festivals and public forums – have called Richard’s presentations “fascinating”, “inspiring” and “thought-provoking”. Whether a keynote or a conference presentation, an after-dinner talk, or an educational experience for employees, Richard will tailor the material to captivate and excite your audience.

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♦ The Coming Era of Emotional Machines
Author of the best-selling book about the future of artificial emotional intelligence, Richard’s deep understanding of the developing emotion economy has made him a thought leader on this subject.

♦ Automation, Employment and the Future of the Workforce
As we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it’s increasingly evident that we aren’t prepared for the changes that await us. What can we do in the face of such socially disruptive forces?

♦ Life in the Age of Human Augmentation
We’re rapidly entering an era in which technology can not only repair and replace failed organs and lost functions, but actually augment and enhance them. What can we expect in this new world of Human 2.0?

♦ Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and the Future of the Block Chain
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have taken the world of finance by storm, but the real game-changer is the invention of the block chain. What opportunities and risks can we anticipate from these innovative financial instruments?

♦ Augmented Reality and the Future of Marketing
With major companies investing heavily, augmented reality is finally ready for widespread use. Its first killer app could very likely be in the retail space, transforming marketing, advertising and the shopping experience. How will we utilize this exciting technology and will it be more than just a passing fad?

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Emotional Machines - WorldFuture 2016

Ignite! Seattle

You left our workforce deans with plenty of food for thought as they navigate the complex education and employment world we’re preparing students for.”

Nancy Dick
Director, Workforce Education
WA State Board for Community & Technical Colleges

Richard is a brilliant speaker, writer, and futurist. His 2017 SXSW presentation was highly rated. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear his ideas about AI and emotional machines.”

Dr. Cindy Frewen, FAIA
Architect and Urban Futurist

Recently we organized the first-ever Emotion AI Summit: featuring 28+ speakers and 300+ attendees at the MIT Media Lab. Richard joined tech leaders in the day-long event as a panelist on our “Future of AI: Ethics, Morality and the Workforce” panel. As a panelist, Richard helped make the Ethics of AI session one of my favorite of the event.”

Ashley McManus
Director of Marketing, Affectiva

I thought you were so professional and with such a command of your topic. It was a joy working with you.”

Prof. William E. Halal, PhD
George Washington University
President, TechCast Global

#1 – “10 Things We Loved About SXSW 2017 Interactive”

In “The Future of Emotional Machines,” Richard Yonck posed weighty questions about what our near future may look like with increased machine learning and artificial intelligence, which are playing more and more of both an underlying and overt role in our lives. We loved the thorny issues that were raised by this subject, including the tension between greater freedom from mundane tasks and the loss of control and privacy that such intelligent machines may dictate.”

Katharine Norwood, Odopod

Richard shared with us perhaps one of the most awe-inspiring, intriguing presentations on new technologies – so much so that we invited him back for a follow-up presentation. One of the things that differentiates Richard is he’s truly passionate and knowledgeable about technology past, present and future. This is even further evidenced as he indulges the audience’s Q&As on both actual and hypothetical issues. Richard’s presentations provided us with a leap-frog perspective of the shape of things to come, helping us better prepare for the days ahead.”

Tolga U. Ural, MBA
CEO, Imagine Media Partners
President, Rotary Club of Seattle Metropolitan

Richard Yonck is a futurist, researcher, writer, and communicator of exceptional talent and high professional standards.”

Cynthia G. Wagner
Editor, The Futurist Magazine

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