Heart of the Machine

Imagine a robotic stuffed animal that responds to a child’s emotional state, a commercial that can change based on a customer’s facial expression, or a device that can actually create feelings as though you were experiencing them naturally. This is the next giant step in the relationship between humans and technology: computers that can recognize, respond to, and even influence our emotions. Already being used in many industries, this emerging technology is forecast to grow rapidly in the next decade. But while it promises enormous benefits, the era of emotionally aware devices will bring many challenges as well. In time, these advances may even one day lead to the development of superintelligent, perhaps even conscious machines. Heart of the Machine: Our Future in a World of Artificial Emotional Intelligence explores these rapidly emerging technologies and the ways they will transform our lives, our world, and our future.

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Our Future in a World of Artificial Emotional Intelligence
By Richard Yonck
Arcade Publishing, New York
Distributed by Perseus Books
Publication date: March 7, 2017

Author Richard Yonck is a futurist, author, and speaker with Intelligent Future Consulting based in Seattle. Focused on emerging trends and technologies, he has written features and cover stories for numerous publications and web sites, and is the computing and artificial intelligence contributing editor for the long-running The Futurist magazine. He has been quoted and published in The New York Times, Scientific American, World Future Review, Fast Company, Wired, Psychology Today, Digitalist, H+ Magazine, Sports Illustrated Kids, American Cinematographer, Mensa Bulletin, The Seattle Times and many others. Richard is also a full member of the Association of Professional Futurists and the National Association of Science Writers.
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