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Consulting Services

Our consulting services are designed to explore a range of plausible futures so you can better anticipate eventualities, optimize your strategic planning and work to realize your desired future. Knowing artificial intelligence will play a central role in what could well be a highly disruptive future, we focus on AI as a major driver, though far from the only one. From transformative technologies to workforce training and education issues to the ethics surrounding data sets, training bias and user manipulation, we can put you ahead of the curve. We do this as a collaborative process, working with clients and stakeholders to maximize results and promoting understanding of our foresight process. Our approach includes teaming with associates who provide the relevant expertise to address your project needs. Our services include:

Briefings on the Future

One-on-one and group sessions to quickly inform your organization or department about new technologies and social trends that are on the horizon, including their potential impacts, challenges and opportunities for your business.

Business and sector-based analysis

Detailed assessments and SWOT analysis for a specific business, industry or sector, based on trends and anticipated future developments. Focus can be on short-, medium-, and/or long-term time frames.

Futuring Workshops

On-site workshop sessions to explore and discover issues and developments that could affect your organization in the future, both internal and external. Offered as a stand-alone process and also in conjunction with broader-scale strategic foresight projects.

Scenario Development

Many aspects of future change and its repercussions feel clinical when presented as dry blocks of information. By building scenarios, we engage the mind’s love of storytelling in order to better explore a range of possible futures and convey their ramifications through narrative.

Speeches, Keynotes and After-Dinner 

The future is an amazing realm and audiences love to hear about its many different lands. Emerging technologies, social change and global trends all provide engaging topics for conferences and organizational events.

Technology Impact Analysis

This is a deeper dive into the affects of a new technology or emerging trend. This detailed analysis often surprises as it explores unexpected impacts and ramifications.

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