“Richard is a brilliant speaker, writer, and futurist. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear his ideas about AI and emotional machines.”

—Dr. Cindy Frewen, FAIA
Architect and Urban Futurist


“You left our workforce deans with plenty of food for thought as they navigate the complex education and employment world we’re preparing students for.”

—Nancy Dick
Director, Workforce Education
WA State Board for Community & Technical Colleges


“Recently we organized the first-ever Emotion AI Summit: featuring 28+ speakers and 300+ attendees at the MIT Media Lab. Richard joined tech leaders in the day-long event as a panelist on our “Future of AI: Ethics, Morality and the Workforce” panel. Richard helped make the Ethics of AI session one of my favorite of the event.”

—Ashley McManus
Director of Marketing, Affectiva


“I thought you were so professional and with such a command of your topic. It was a joy working with you.”

—Prof. William E. Halal, PhD
George Washington University
President, TechCast Global


“In “The Future of Emotional Machines,” Richard Yonck posed weighty questions about what our near future may look like with increased machine learning and artificial intelligence, which are playing more and more of both an underlying and overt role in our lives. We loved the thorny issues that were raised by this subject, including the tension between greater freedom from mundane tasks and the loss of control and privacy that such intelligent machines may dictate.”

—Katharine Norwood
#1 – “10 Things We Loved About SXSW 2017 Interactive”


“One of the things that differentiates Richard is he’s truly passionate and knowledgeable about technology past, present and future. This is even further evidenced as he indulges the audience’s Q&As on both actual and hypothetical issues. Richard’s presentations provided us with a leap-frog perspective of the shape of things to come, helping us better prepare for the days ahead.”

—Tolga U. Ural
CEO, Imagine Media Partners
President, Rotary Club of Seattle Metropolitan


“Richard Yonck is a futurist, researcher, writer, and communicator of exceptional talent and high professional standards.”

—Cynthia G. Wagner
Editor-in-Chief, The Futurist Magazine



“Yonck is a sure-footed guide and is not without a sense of humor . . . [He] provides a compelling and thorough history of the interaction between our emotional lives and our technology.”

Ray Kurzweil
The New York Times Book Review


“A fascinating, and sometimes disturbing, look at a rapidly approaching future where smart machines understand and manipulate our emotions—and ultimately bond with us in ways that blur the line between ourselves and our technology.”

Martin Ford
New York Times bestselling author of Rise of the Robots:
Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future


“Your world is about to change in shocking and amazing ways. The line between machines and humanity is blurring giving us a strange and beautiful tomorrow. Yonck takes us on a journey through this world from the science and technology of today and into the possibilities and perils that lay just over the horizon. If you want to catch a glimpse of the future open this book.”

Brian David Johnson
Former chief futurist at Intel,
founder of the 21st Century Robot Project

“Richard Yonck’s Heart of the Machine is a fascinating speculation on the near- and far-term significance of emotions for user interfaces, machine-mediated communication between humans, and what technology and humans may become.”

Vernor Vinge
Computer scientist
Hugo Award–winning author of Rainbows End

“[Yonck] makes a compelling argument for why affective computing (technology that can read, interpret, replicate, and experience emotions and use those abilities to influence us) is the key to AI and the heart of how we will work with computers. . . . an engaging read.”

Library Journal


“Very important for any decision-maker and a must-read for corporations for planning their road map. It is also recommended to everyone who is curious enough to understand the future. Even the very near future.”

Yoram Levanon,
Chief Science Officer at Beyond Verbal Communication

“How we interact with technology is changing: it is becoming more relational and conversational. Yonck makes a very strong case why our devices and advanced AI systems need to have emotional intelligence, specifically the ability to sense human emotions and adapt accordingly. This book highlights key considerations both for academic researchers as well as business leaders looking for commercial applications of AI.”

Rana el Kaliouby
CEO of Affectiva

“By using the futurist’s most valuable communications tool—the scenario—to introduce his chapters, Yonck moves between anecdotes from research in affective computing and AI/robotics to speculative scenarios, all with the even hand of a skilled storyteller.”

Cynthia G. Wagner
Consulting editor at Foresight Signals,
Former editor of The Futurist magazine

“I just read Richards’ most recent article in The Futurist on the Internet of Everything. WOW. Based on recent activities in Washington D.C., we are certainly not ready for this! Not even close!”

Pamela McConathy Schied
Principal, Foresight Communications Group