Helping you to redefine the possible, implement sought-after change and build your preferred future. Providing foresight consulting services that support your strategic planning by identifying and interpreting near- to long-term trends that can impact your business. Our collaborative approach reveals valuable insights and big-picture perspectives on the future, disruption, industry transformations and emerging opportunities.

Briefings on the Future

One-on-one and group sessions quickly update your organization on developing technologies and future social trends, focusing on potential impacts, challenges and opportunities.

Foresight Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies and technology assessments to support the development of your company’s future product or service.

Industry Assessments

Impact analysis of emerging technologies and trends on your business or sector.

Futures Workshops

On-site and virtual workshop sessions introduce your team to futures concepts and methodologies, equipping them with new tools for doing business in a constantly changing world.

Scenario Development

We research and develop detailed scenarios that help you prepare for the anticipated and the unexpected.

Strategic Foresight Sessions

Foresight-oriented sessions designed to strengthen your strategic planning and build resilience to future change.

Technology Impact Analysis

Deep dives into a specific emerging technology or developing trend.

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