Conversation with a Futurist

Seattle futurist Richard Yonck is an international keynote speaker and bestselling author who focuses on emerging trends and technologies, along with the many issues these will create for tomorrow’s world. With his unique perspective on the future, Richard is an avid guide to the changes and challenges we’ll face in the coming decades. Audiences across the globe have called Richard’s presentations “awe-inspiring”, “passionate” and “mind-blowing.”

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Building Your Organization’s Future Resilience

Resilience isn’t merely reactive; it should be proactive as well. Anticipating, understanding and preparing for various kinds of disruption often makes the difference between shutdown, survival and success. In this keynote presentation, I’ll take you through the steps that identify vulnerabilities and opportunities that can help you tackle tomorrow’s challenges and build your future success.

Augmented Reality and the Future of Marketing

Augmented reality is beginning to transform retail spaces, marketing, advertising – the entire shopping experience. But this is only the beginning. The development of this immersive technology brings with it many questions. How will we use it? What challenges is it likely to bring? And will it be more than just a passing fad?

Automation, Employment and the Future of the Workforce

Augmented Reality Docent. AI Wrangler. Data Set Auditor. Genetics Interpreter. Digital Reputation Scrubber. VR Addiction Counselor. These are but a few of the new jobs we’re likely to see in the not too distant future. As we move through the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it’s becoming increasingly evident that businesses and the workforce aren’t prepared for many of the changes that await us. How will we adapt to a world that no longer needs people for many traditional tasks? How can we prepare for the jobs of the future if they don’t even exist yet?

The Coming Era of Emotional Machines

Discover the future of Emotion AI, computers that can read, interpret and even influence our emotions. Author of the best-selling book, Heart of the Machine, Richard’s deep understanding of the developing emotion economy has made him a global thought leader on this emerging technology. How will emotionally aware systems transform the workplace, our society and our personal lives?

Life in the Age of Human Augmentation

We are rapidly entering an era when technology will not only be able to repair and replace failed organs and lost cognitive functions, but actually augment and enhance them as well. What could happen to us in this brave new world of Human 2.0? If it leads to indefinite life spans, how will our society and institutions have to change in order to adapt? Will a world already filled with extreme economic disparity, give rise to an even greater chasm between the “haves” and “have-nots”? What dangers will we face when the even our minds and bodies can be hacked?

Exponential Technologies that Power Exponential Organizations

Artificial intelligence, biotechnology, quantum computing, solar power, 3-D printing – all of a sudden, our world seems to be filled with exponential technologies. Why is this happening now and more importantly, what exactly is an exponential technology? Why do they seem to overtake our world overnight? How can we leverage its explosive growth in our businesses and other parts of our lives?


WorldFuture Conference

#1 – “10 Things We Loved About SXSW 2017 Interactive”

In “The Future of Emotional Machines,” Richard Yonck posed weighty questions about what our near future may look like with increased machine learning and artificial intelligence, which are playing more and more of both an underlying and overt role in our lives. We loved the thorny issues that were raised by this subject, including the tension between greater freedom from mundane tasks and the loss of control and privacy that such intelligent machines may dictate.”

Katharine Norwood, Odopod

NSA membereSpeakers virtual certification

Showreel: Let’s Talk About The Future

Richard inspired our Leadership Team to think about the future and the impact that impending changes might have on our world – not just our industry. Thorny issues about the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning helped shape our own discussions around ethics in our own business and personal lives. We look forward to working with Richard again.”

Kurt von Wasmuth
RMLS (Regional Multiple Listing Services)

Richard is a brilliant speaker, writer, and futurist. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear his ideas about AI and emotional machines.”

Dr. Cindy Frewen, FAIA
Architect and Urban Futurist

You left our workforce deans with plenty of food for thought as they navigate the complex education and employment world we’re preparing students for.”

Nancy Dick
Director, Workforce Education
WA State Board for Community & Technical Colleges

A Perspective On The Future

Recently we organized the first-ever Emotion AI Summit: featuring 28 speakers and 300+ attendees at the MIT Media Lab. Speaking as part of our “Future of AI: Ethics, Morality and the Workforce” panel, Richard helped make that session one of my favorite of the event.”

Ashley McManus
Director of Marketing, Affectiva

TED Talk

Richard shared with us one of the most awe-inspiring, intriguing presentations on new technologies – so much so that we invited him back for a follow-up presentation. One of the things that differentiates Richard is he’s truly passionate and knowledgeable about technology past, present and future.”

Tolga U. Ural, MBA
CEO, Imagine Media Partners
President, Rotary Club of Seattle Metropolitan

Don’t see the trend or topic you want?

Among Richard’s many popular presentations:

  • Digital Threats – “Cybercrime and the Future of the Dark Web”
  • Internet of Things – “Connecting With Our Connected World”
  • Health – “Transforming Healthcare and the New Era of Telemedicine
  • Artificial Intelligence –”The Most Transformative Technology of the 21st Century”
  • Agriculture – “Cultivating the Future of AgTech”
  • Autonomous Vehicles – “It’s Not Your Father’s Flying Car”
  • Machine Intelligence – “Will You be as Smart as a Next Generation Supercomputer?”
  • Brain-Computer Interfaces – “The Ultimate Wearable”
  • Privacy & Protection – “Fake News and Phishing Tales”
  • Future Cities – “The Developing Urban Ecosystem”
  • Life Extension – “Are We Ready for the End of Aging?”

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