Intelligent Future Research

Our Goals

Intelligent Future Research strives to be a center of excellence and a model for providing top-tier research in a manner that helps support insight into and understanding of emerging technologies and trends as well as their long term implications and societal ramifications. With a focus on understanding the nature of future intelligence, Intelligent Future Research strives to promote foresight and informed, considered planning through research study and the subsequent publication of books, peer-reviewed papers, articles for popular publication and white papers.

These goals are attained through:

  • Engaging in, facilitating and supporting high quality research studies designed to help support the advancement of research into AI, robotics, biotechnology, nanotechnology and other emerging technologies, including their potential social implications.
  • Conducting all research according to the highest scientific and ethical standards.
  • Increasing visibility and recognition of research at Intelligent Future Research in the professional and lay community through professional scholarship and publishing in quality peer-reviewed publications.